A novel by Riley Routh

Lars is a lowly maintenance worker in the palace of the King who suddenly finds himself catapulted to a higher calling. Arthur is a failed presidential candidate who spots a chance to recapture his former glory. Sofia thinks she's perfectly content in her lonely station searching for life among the stars, but can't resist the call when it comes. All three are from different parallel universes, suddenly able to talk to and visit one another after a freak wormhole accident rips a hole in space. Along with a mysterious fourth Earth, they come together to build Audacity — a space station in the void to govern the four planets.

Audacity is a story about the collision of four different societies from parallel Earths. The delegates, our protagonists, initially clash over their varying cultural attitudes, divergent histories, and political ideals. But with only eighteen months to prove that the Earths can live in harmony, they need to work together if they are to find what they're looking for, be it wealth, power, love, or common ground. Will they succeed, or even make it out alive?

I'm currently looking for representation to get Audacity published!